Team Racing

 Tips for a successful team race:

Preparing to Race as a Relay Team?  These are some tried and true tips to help you have a successful team experience. Posted on October 20, 2010 by GRO Promotions

If you are looking to do you first endurance relay race and want to know about the team dynamics of entering on a 4 or 5 person team this article should help

Joining a team and racing in a relay setting can be an incredibly rewarding experience so first and foremost remember teams work together so communication at all times during training, event preparation, and during the race is key.


  1. •Before you sign up for a team decide what your goals are for racing. Do you want to be a top finisher, race just to have fun or maybe achieve a new personal goal? Reasons for racing are different for everyone, but they should be compatible with your teammates.
  2. •Train together. As much as you can get to know your teammates as people, as riders, and as competitors. Help each other to break new ground during training


  1. •  Have a pre race meeting. Discuss racing order, expected results for the team, excepted lap times for each rider.
  2. • As a team you can share resources and make packing and travel easier. Make a list of race essentials and divide the load
  3. •  Meals: Some teams like to plan shared meals while others have their own individual tastes. Decide how meals will be planned and prepared and always bring a little extra to share.


  1. • Don’t leave your team hanging. When it is your time to go out. Be prepared to get on course immediately.
  2. ★      Keep a log of rider time in/time out
  3. ★      Set an alarm for 30 min or more before a rider is due back
  4. ★      Communicate before and after a lap on your physical and mental condition
  5. • Stay positive and support your team mates. a few “ good job” , and “nice lap” goes a long way to having a fun event.
  6. •  Finally, decide what you will do after. Drive right home? stay and enjoy the town the race was held in ?.. Communication is the key
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