Volunteer Discount

Want to get a discount on your registration?

GRO Promotions is beginning a new program to help out our local racers who love to help and also love to volunteer. There are several ways the program works, subject to availability.

Basics – 6 hours of volunteering = 20% discount

1. Pick a race and volunteer at least 6 hours. receive a discount to any future GRO race

2. Put together a Corporate Team for Frog Hollow and commit 6 hours per person to volunteer during the race. Get the discount immediately.

3. Earn discounts for others. Have a group or club and want to send a team to race. Commit  volunteers from your group to help and earn discounts for other members. Can be immediate or they can be saved for later.

4. Add up time and get bigger savings. If you know you have one GRO race that you loved to do, but don’t really want to do the others. Volunteer for several events over the year and add up the savings and cash in all at once.

Volunteering includes any items associated with an event, and does not necessarily have to be done during an actual race.

Activities include: Course marking, Course clean-up, Packet -Stuffing, registration, Timing, Course marshal, security, Venue clean-up. For a full list see our Volunteer Page

Volunteer service must be arranged before you register. Once coordinated the race director will issue you or you team discount code(s). For more info or to participate e mail info@gropromotions.com


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